Cycling Hacks for South Africa

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Here in South Africa we have some unique challenges when it comes to outdoor sports, from weather conditions to riding terrain and safety. We have listed some cycling hacks for you. 

Riding a mountain bike down an endless singletrack is the main reason cyclists keep punishing themselves up climbs. Their hard work is rewarded with pure joy while descending into an euphoric state where life is at its best, but then...

  • Its when you least expect it, an obstacle that couldn't be avoided at the time, but after the crash it's clear where you have misjudged your line. If only you had protected your carbon rims with CSix Foamo you would still be riding and your carbon rim could have survived the impact.

  • You reach a short flat section on the trail where everyone powers away to get the best time on Strava. You give it your best, but instead of hearing the wind in your ears as you accelerate, all you hear is the squeaky noise of your chain. You try and keep going but realise it needs Smoove. If only you prepared your chain correctly with Smoove Prep, cleaning all the junk and oils off for Smoove Lube to do its thing. Keeping you going.
  • You think back to the past few days of riding and the chafing your bum has endured up to this point. Perhaps you have developed some bruising or something that feels something like a sist (not that you can see for yourself down there). If only you started your rides with Ass Magic. "ASS MAGIC is made from a lanolin based cream. The base cream is blended with the secret magic combination of essential oils and Zinc Oxide".
  • There is this gushing sound followed by a white spray of sealant as your wheel turns. For a second you thought your ride was over, but by keeping moving the Enduro Seal in your tyres self seals your puncture as you ride. A light loss of pressure in your tyre is nothing compared to loosing momentum and valuable time. Its advisable to replace the sealant in your tyres every 3 months. If you have used a CO2 canister to inflate your tyre, it may cause sealant (of any brand) to solidify the latex based liquid. It will still be fine to finish your ride, but its best to replace your sealant after using a CO2 canister.
  • Approaching a technical section on a corner from nowhere you get pushed off your bike into a bush below the trail. Disorientated it takes you a few seconds to realise what happened. Your bike is gone and your riding mates are scattered across the trail. Cycle theft is on the rise, not only in South Africa, but as bikes get more expensive with new innovations released every year, cyclist are perceived as soft targets to criminals. Until now, Netstar South Africa's largest vehicle tracking company, boasting a 24 year track record and a national coverage throughout South Africa has now launched Netstar CycleSafe Recovery a device which has a 3 year battery life. This has been welcomed by insurance companies, with a tendency to offer better rates. 
  • You think of selling your bike and recall that you registered it on your name on Similar to car ownership, VeYbi (Verify Your Bike) provides cyclist with a free service where they can upload and save the details and pictures of their bike. Making it simple to prove ownership when it comes to selling your bike. Veybi promotes proactive bike ownership and says "Imagine every bike being able to tell its life story". The website also facilitates a change of ownership making it possible to know if your bike was once owned by a champion.

  • You stop to take a breather. Only to realise you have lost track of your mates. Mint Connect has a variety of affordable  phones which are super light. From R119 you can get one from a Pick n Pay near you which takes two sim cards. It's advised to use sim cards from two different service providers, giving you better chances of having signal. 

    If you have other cycling hacks you would like to share with us, simply drop us an email -

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