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Finding the right bike is a unique experience to each person. Some people are quick to decide and others take time to find the right thing or bargain. Its important as a buyer to understand your own needs, this will help you make sense of all the clutter between bike options you may already be aware of. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you find the right bike.

  • Are you just starting out?
  1. Are you just starting out and you would like to ride around the block?
  2. You like the idea of cycling, so you're thinking of "trying it out"?
  3. You mainly want to spend time riding with your kids?
  4. You're looking to join a group of your friends who "ride a lot"?
  • What riding are you looking to do?
  1. Mountain biking on trails into forests?
  2. Mountain biking on open farms road or jeep tracks?
  3. Road cycling with a club?
  4. Are you looking to do Ironman?
  • What distances are you looking at riding?
  1. Less than 20km
  2. Up to 40km
  3. Over 40km to 60km
  4. "We ride 60km to 80km or more".
  • Whats your height?  - Getting the right frame size is vital. Here is a rough guideline you can use, but best is to speak to the bike shop who sells a particular brand. Sizes can differ from brand to brand. A Google search for IE: "Specialized sizing guide" can present you further clarity.
  1. 155cm - 165cm  - Small
  2. 165cm - 175cm - Medium
  3. 175cm - 185cm - Large
  4. 185cm - 195cm - Extra Large
  • What budget are you looking at spending?
    1. Its the last question, but we could have made it the first question. A quality bike is expensive and if you are looking to just get started a new entry level bike could be just the right thing for your needs.
    2. If you are looking for a more advanced bike, a quality used bike through a one of the BikeBay Showrooms could match your needs. 
    3. Selling your used bike through one of the BikeBay Showrooms will help you fill the dent in your pocket from purchasing a new bike. We have a Cape Town Showroom in Kenilworth above Freewheel Cycology and a Showroom in Pretoria at Lynnwood Bridge right inside the Cycle at Lynnwood store.
    4. You could apply for finance on a bike and get the bike you really like.

    If you have specific questions regarding the search for your next bike you can write to us at 

    If you know which bike you are looking for, but you cant seem to find it anywhere, you may consider to "Call Dibs". By calling Dibs you'll be the first to know once a bike becomes available through one of our showrooms. Simply complete the short form in the link Call Dibs to get started.

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