Selling your Bike Conveniently

Posted by Peet Correia on

On a daily basis we get requests from people looking to sell their bike. Some are seriously looking to sell others are just looking for an idea of what their old pride and joy could be worth in the market. There is no one fit solution for everyone or every bicycle.

BikeBay was started in 2006 through the Club100 cycling club in Johannesburg. It was an initiative of Brett Sachs who founded BikeBay then as a "retirement hobby". In a busy corporate environment it offered bike owners the convenience to have their bikes sold for them. Allowing them to avoid taking random calls from time wasters and low offer chancer buyers.

Now in 2018 BikeBay has moved on to offering a variety of solutions to the cycling community. From finance, insurance, shipping, free listings and more. Bike shops are even benefiting from by having a BikeBay profile for their shop. This allows the local bike shop to get more eyes on it products 24/7. 

The innovation by cycling manufacturers ensures that there are more than just new colours to choose from year by year. Innovation addresses needs which creates new markets (like E-bikes). At the BikeBay of today, new meets old and the cyclist from beginner to advanced can select between new or used bikes depending on their lifestyles latest needs. So yes, we still have the convenience service where we can find a new home for your old bike.

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