Carpe Diem, or grab the granfondo when it's time: RICARDO PICHETTA

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Challenges are never a simple thing. The obstacles to overcome, the difficulties to be faced.

 Who knows what Ricardo Pichetta was thinking, on Sunday 30th June 2019, while he was there on the grid, riding his Officine Mattio Sl-X, along with other 2799 potential rivals of the thirty-second Granfondo Fausto Coppi Officine Mattio.

 6.59 am: the music pushes and loads, a blue river of t-shirts all the same, the speakers mark the seconds of the countdown. You look around and (even as a spectator) you happily feel part of that crazy and strange world of cycling. You know that you will be an opponent of those who are there like you, with one foot on the pedal and the other one down, those who can blow away the first place when you were sure of winning, of those who anyway are going to run with you an important piece of your life.

 7.00 am: you have no other choice. You have to shoot and deal only with your legs and your head. It goes on stage, go!

It is no coincidence if it is said that “life is like a bicycle, it is all about balance”.

The Fausto Coppi Officine Mattio is basically the granfondo of all of us, of our history. The Fausto Coppi Officine Mattio are the challenges we face every day, the changes we accept, the battles we fight.

It is the granfondo of the one who has raced on an old graziella, with the only goal in mind that was to arrive; it is the granfondo of a doctor who has raced with his patient, recovered from leukemia, with the aim of demonstrating that everything can be overcome and that after the rain the clear sky always returns; it is the granfondo of a father who has chosen to run in tandem, together with his blind son, with the aim of showing that even if life sometimes puts a spoke in the wheels, it is enough to know how to face it with the right spirit.

 There is a Fausto Coppi in each of us (obviously, in someone there is a little more, in others a little less), there is being a champion and being the favorite target of bad luck , there is love and there are suffering hearts.

Every day is a bike ride, every day is a race and every day can be a victory.

If we try to live our days as Ricardo faced his race, fighting our granfondo with the same grit, the same determination and the same courage, maybe we'll all become a bit more champions.

 A race like Fausto Coppi always inspires fear, even when you are an athlete.

 Being encouraged at the critical moment and being supported by a family like Officine Mattio is something that is priceless.

 Running with an Officine Mattio like the SL-X means being sure that your efforts will be rewarded, that it will be worth sweating and struggling because the bicycle will move in symbiosis with you, you will be a perfect machine: your legs will play along with the gears the symphony of victory.

 "There is a driving force stronger than steam, electricity and atomic energy: the will" said Albert Einstein.

Officine Mattio -  RICARDO PICHETTA

Test yourself: whatever it is, believe in your energy. Come and find out what you can be capable of, come and visit us and become part of our family. We will be ready to cheer you when you win, to spur you when you doubt, to support you if you fall.

 Jump in the saddle of your life, ride with us on an Officine Mattio.

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