Enduro Seal

We mixed the first batch of Enduro Seal two years ago then with no name and went on a vigorous testing period for almost a year.  Many thousands of  kilometers were cycled over all sorts of terrain, weather conditions, thousands of thorns, sharp stones and other objects.  We started quietly marketing  Enduro Seal in September 2017 and at present Enduro Seal is in most of Cape Town's stores, a few being Freewheel Cycology a Specialized store, JP from Recycles, The Gear Change (David George), The Bike Park (Chris Nixon), Trail & Tar, Mark's Bicycle Workshop, Chris Willemse Cycles and many more.  There are a few out of Cape Town stores like The Bike Shop in Plett (Kevin and Leon Evans), West Rand Cycles in JHB a Specialized store, Simply Bike, Mikes Bikes and a few more.  At present everyone has had repeat orders and there have been no complaints.  Enduro Seal was also used at the tech points at this years Attakwas, Cape Epic, Joberg 2 Sea and Sani 2 Sea. To date we have moved about 8000 litres of product. 

Some additional info about the Enduro Seal: 

All our chemicals are sourced from reputable sources where the integrity of each batch is checked.

We only mix for orders once a week so our Enduro Seal is always fresh.

Each batch is PH tested to confirm that the PH is above 7.4

The working efficiency is tested on a test wheel and on a MTB that is purposely cycled through all sorts of terrain, thorns, sharp stones and other objects.

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