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How it Works

BikeBay is for everyone from the beginner to the discerning cyclist looking for the latest advancements in the cycling industry. In addition to assisting cyclist to sell their used bikes, BikeBay is providing more solutions to bicycle retailers who can run their own shop profile within the BikeBay platform. A bike shop profile enables shops customers to browse available stock 24/7, opt for finance, insurance and ask questions to the shop right from their fingertips wherever they are. 


From the BikeBay website, website visitors can conveniently see whats available at their local bike shop and make a purchase from their fingertips. Once you have found your desired item simply select the "Buy it Now" button to move to payment and shipping options.

If you're not finding the bike you are looking for you can let us know by calling dibs. This way we can contact you once something matching your unique criteria becomes available.



Bike Shops can now easily advertise all their available stock on BikeBay. When an item is sold on BikeBay the inventory is amended, payment is received by the store into their selected account. 

Individual sellers can also register to become a seller to sell their old bike. Simply select the "Join as a Seller" link on the top right of our home page. Sellers are advised to visit their local bike shop and get their bike serviced before advertising it. This increases your chance of a smooth sale to a happy buyer.


We can sell it for you 

Since 2006 BikeBay has assisted cyclist with a convenience service to sell their bikes for them. This service suites the bike owner who doesn't wish to be bothered with calls and queries and suites persons who value their time away from work with family. This helps to keep strangers out of your home and your personal contact details safe from the public domain.  With a showroom in Cape Town and in Pretoria (also servicing Jhb clients) you can benefit by having your bike located in one of our showrooms from the following other benefits.

  • Your bike could be an option for someone visiting our showroom for another bike.
  • Buyers can finance bikes through our showroom
  • We sell bikes "ready to ride", we will ensure that the necessary repairs are made, if any, that the bike is clean and presentable.
  • We post adverts on BikeBay and various other platforms
  • This is a sole-mandate selling agreement and we only earn something if a sale is made.

Contact us on to get your bike advertised conveniently.

Cape Town Showroom - 0824953314

Gauteng Showroom - 0606113920