Exdiem Table Olives - 425g

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Our black olives are Mission or Kalamata olives and our green olive Manzanilla or Noccellara olives. We have a very basic way of producing the olives – we cure it in a 10% brine solution for at least a year or until the olives are ready to eat.  This is a very natural way of curing the olives – no chemicals are used. The only problem is that the green olives loose there bright green colour.  We are experimenting with alternative ways of curing the green olives to retain their “greenness”, but unfortunately it involves the use of chemicals.


We have decided at this stage to only produce and sell our olives in brine. It seems very “plain”, but it also gives the opportunity for every person who buys the olives to be creative with the olives.  We always make our own flavoured table olives as follows:

Take a bottle of olives. Drain the brine. Add whatever you feel like – fresh garlic, thyme, rosemary, sun-dried tomatoes, feta, chilli, oregano, etc. – let it stand for a few hours to infuse and serve. Fantastic, with wonderful fresh ingredients which you can not use if you bottle it for the retail market.

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